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I suppose that many photographers who use mechanical cameras wants to record exposure parameters. Traditionally photographers uses either notebooks or special record cards for this. I found that I use my notebook very rear and while looking for more handy solution I've wrote simple program for PDA. This program allows to quickly enter parameters of photographs made.

Program "Photo DB" runs on Pocket PC computers and uses Access-like database called Sprint DB Pro. To run Photo DB you should install Sprint DB Pro first.

What are the good properties of Photo DB:

  • Absolutely free
  • You can change and customize this program for yours needs
  • Allows quick insertion of new data when working "in field"
  • Have quite powerful search ability
  • Gives exposure hints about low light situations
  • English interface

What is the disadvantage of Photo DB:

  • I don't provide any guaranties that Photo DB works correctly. If you install this program then you must remember that you are doing this on your own risk.

This program mainly targeted to medium format users. It operates with two major objects: rolls and frames.

License agreement

Photo DB program is distributed under GNU General Public License. In short, you may change and even sell this program but you must provide all source code with your modified version. Because Photo DB doesn't have source code (it have just several Kb of macro) I'll assume that RAF file must be modifiable (no password protection).

System requirements and installation

To install and run Photo DB you must have:

  • Pocket PC with OS Windows Mobile 2003. Probably you'll be able to run Photo DB on Windows 2002 too but this will require conversion of cdb file because format of this file has been changed between 2002 and 2003. Try to use Microsoft converter for Pocket Access files for that.
  • Sprint DB Pro 2.2 (may be 2.0 will do) on your PDA

For installation you need to copy Photo DB.mdb file on any directory on your Pocket PC. Also you need to place Photo DB.raf in to Forms subdirectory of your Sprint DB Pro installation. For example for me its /Program Files/Sprint DB Pro 2.2/Forms. Please note that Active Sync during copying of mdb file will convert it in to cdb file.

How it works

Information about rolls and frames are entered from "Roll" and "Frame" tabs.

As the first step you should create new Roll (using button "+"). Then you can add new frames to this roll using "Frames" tab.

Buttons description is:

  • "+" - add new record
  • "-" - delete current record
  • "<" - move to previous record
  • ">" - move to next record
  • "D" - add new record and copy current one in to it

"Hints" tab allows to obtain approximate values for shutter speed and diaphragm for various low light situations. These values are very approximate but gives some start point to experiment with bracketing.

Using "Rsearch" and "Fsearch" you can find rolls and particular frames in database.

Fields "Descr.", "Notes", "Name", "ID" allows SQL style patterns (wildcards) e.g. "%test%".

Grids in bottom part of these tabs shows results of search.

Buttons description is:

  • Search - searches records in database according to entered criteria
  • Clear - clears all fields in the form
  • Edit - switch Photo DB to the tab where you can edit selected object.

Important note: Edit button will switch you correctly only if you select desired row using first column ID. So tap rows in the grids using first column.

How to setup Photo DB

In structure of database you'll find a number of tables besides Rolls, Frames and Hints. These are setup tables which gives you ability to customize Photo DB. For example you can add your own lenses, filters, fstops and shutter speeds. Editing of these tables are possible via build-in Sprint DB Pro functionality (Tables->Open).


ZIP achieve: (13192 bytes)


If somebody will improve the program and will want to share it with other users I'll provide the hosting for your version.

Copyright 2004-2007 Denis Komissarov